Shoutout to Frankie S thanks for making me think of vous

"Now there is nothing
Bye bye”

But I stand my ground. And I ask you people to stand yours. Against all of them who will come with ill will when martial lxw drops

To be honest I think we all need to have the mindset of the people back in 1776 when they decided to put some fuckin feet down against their power that be

Because you know how the masons used their power for ultimately evil acts within the power of the nation and then some slick motherfuckers brainwashed the youth in turn fucking everything up for future generations. It’s like they bred confusion and ignorance into us

Call me crazy but what if these war crimes is proof that the Jews have failed the Christian god. You know how they always say the Jews are gods chosen people, naturally that would blow a people’s head up so to speak to an elevated status. What if the Christian god wanted the Jews to learn what it’s like to be prosecuted and then take that knowledge and the fact they are revered as gods people and use THAT to their advantage. Just a thought.